About Red Wellies

Everyone on the Red Wellies committee is a volunteer, which means that every penny that you donate to us can be put towards finding a cure, rather than paying wages.

Because of the lack of funding (brain tumour research receives less than 1% of total cancer research funds), it is organisations like Red Wellies that allows researchers to do their work. Research organisations can come to us and submit an application for funding so they can continue their vital studies. With the help of carefully selected medical professionals, the Red Wellies trustees will study the application and decide if it’s something we’d like to support.

As a board, the trustees have set out guidelines and standards that we stick to, which ensures that all of the money raised goes toward improving the lives of people with brain tumours.

The Red Wellies Story

As mentioned in Lisa's Story, her bravery and selflessness really shone during her illness. As she dealt with her terrifying prognosis, she found the strength to comfort her friends and family, continue her degree and help research into GBM and other tumours.

Following her operation, Lisa donated the stem cells from her tumour to research. She reasoned that this donation wouldn't help her, but if it hadn't of been for the generosity and bravery of those before her, she would have been unable to have the operation.

Before she’d even been ill, Lisa had completed the annual Race for Life. She continued to do this after she had been diagnosed (although was only healthy enough to do it once more). She also began to raise money for research into GBM.

Her illness had highlighted just how desperately underfunded all brain tumours (not just GBM) were. Again, Lisa knew the money she raised wouldn't do anything to help her plight, but she was determined to help other, future sufferers.

It was this strength and selflessness that encouraged us to continue her good work, even after we’d lost her.

And so, picking up the mantle from Lisa, we decided to form a charity to raise money to support the research into GBM as this is a cancer with very little research funding. As Lisa's family and friends, this is our tribute to her, and our support for those who are and have yet to go through the same thing.

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